H4H For the Finish

The Problem

We had a hurricane in September. You may have heard about it as it did a substantial amount of destruction in our community. We (Jennie and I) were not excused from the destruction, and the recovery process is proving to be tedious and painfully slow. Since the hurricane in September, it has hardly stopped raining. Those two little circumstances have kept us at a dead stop for 6 months on the Hope For Haiti (H4H) build.

The Prayer

We needed a dry place to work on the boat out of the crazy weather. We needed a shop space in an area that sustained some level of damages to almost 100% of the structures.
Not much to ask for.

The Answer

We were able to rent a space in a nearby shop for well below market value! And last night we got the boat off the trailer. We are back in business!

Thank You!

Thank you for your support through prayers, financial contributions, and research! Now please pray that we will have the energy and help we need to finish the boat within the allotted weeks we have this space to use.