"It's too bad we can't just send them a good boat."


RV Hodge, Boat-builder, Founder of Mission Navigation

RV began his professional boat building career in Alaska in the 1980's. Building hard-working boats for use in a harsh environment shaped his love and respect for rugged, purpose-made boats. His love for the sea and boat building eventually brought the family to North Carolina.

For several years RV prayed for an opportunity to use his trade for third world missions. In 2008 a missionary returning from Haiti told of the treacherous travel conditions there. He concluded his presentation with the comment,

"It's too bad we can't just send them a good boat.”

That was the calling and ultimately the beginning of what would become Mission Navigation.

RV and Jennie have been serving in this ministry since then.

RV and Jennie have lived in Oregon, Alaska, Minnesota, and North Carolina. They have raised four children and now serve together as Mission Navigation.


Jennie Hodge, Coordinator

Jennie tends to most of the non boat related details of the mission including scheduling work groups and the ever important task of feeding the workers.

Jennie homeschooled their four children, and was wondering what God would have her do after they all graduated. Helping RV with Mission Navigation in the role of hospitality is a definite answer to that query.