Farewell and Thank You

With Mission Navigation, as with any ministry, we have a number of dedicated, behind the scenes, people helping make the organization run. A critically important group is the board of directors, who handle the considerable legal and logistical tasks necessary to keep everything moving properly. 

I am blessed to have talented and dedicated people on our board. And it always comes with a degree of sorrow when one of those members steps down. This past meeting it was with sorrow, but also understanding, that we received the notice from Stuart Lewis that he was stepping down.

Stuart has been with Mission Navigation since its inception and has served faithfully as our Board President up until this past year. His personal ministry, as a youth pastor, has taken him to another community, and we know the Lord is using him there.

So I say, Thank You Stuart, and God bless you, your family, and those whom you serve there. Your dedication and diligent service has always been inspiring.        - RV