Back in The Shop

There are many things on my mind as I share this. So I'll attempt to be concise.

  1. This is my first workday in the shop after surgery four weeks ago. So, I'm enjoying this small victory.
  2. My regular job schedule has increased which reduces my available days to work in the Mission Nav shop.
  3. The mission in Haiti we are building this boat for just lost ALL of their incoming supplies. You may have seen the report of the cargo ship that sank in Hurricane Joaquin. That vessel contained NWHCM's winter supplies. We celebrate that the crew was rescued. We are stunned at the overwhelming loss of resources.
  4. I am a bit discouraged at how many obstacles arise, seemingly effortlessly, that require a great deal of struggle, just to get a work day in the shop.
  5. Today I discovered that I had not ordered fiberglass. Feeling kind of foolish that I forgot a primary component. So as a plan B, I worked on the lazaret hatch opening which used Xynole. It was good progress, just not what I had planned.