Picture-less but Essential Work

Saturday I had a small time window to work in the shop. I had been postponing a small, but tricky project in favor of larger more satisfying tasks. That was until yesterday (Saturday).

The stem of the boat has an acute junction of port side, starboard side, and foredeck that is rather tricky to glass. I have the opinion that no one should ever have to be concerned about slamming anything (within reason) with their bow. In other words, I like the ice-breaker bow mentality. Consequently, I make the bow of a vessel extremely tough.

That said, the tricky glass work that needs to be done on the tip of the stem (component that makes up the bow), needs to be done multiple times. And because the shape is not user friendly for the fiberglass, someone needs to baby sit it.

Short story: It's done! Three layers of 1708 fiberglass and it should be pretty tough. This sets me up to put the second layer on the foredeck. Stay tuned please.

Engine Compartment Hatch

Today, as the weather was (in Down East parlance) "kicking up a slight mullet blow," I was able to sand up, shape, radius, and fiberglass the engine compartment hatch.
Hatch = Lid

There is a lot of technical stuff going on at the corners, but it rather defies description unless one is familiar with the fiberglass process. I'll spare you all the details. My boat builder comrades will pick up on it.

The actual process took a tad bit longer than the video.