Back to work on the H4H

We have been back to work on the Hope For Haiti for a couple of weekends now. Last weekend consisted of a lot of sanding and prepping. We also pulled all of the temporarily mounted hardware.
This weekend the hit list was all over the place. The completed projects are listed below.

  • The last of the fiberglass work is done, including the rudder. (Yay! At least I hope that’s all.)

  • The shaft bearing is installed in the shaft tube.

  • The fuel fill and vent have been located, drilled out, and the holes have been coated with epoxy

  • All of the bolt holes drilled (so far) for all the hardware have been resin coated.

  • More sanding for paint work.

  • The gunwales have been coated with 2 more coats of paint.

  • The inside hull sides have been painted.

  • The lazarette hatch lid has been painted on the exposed surfaces.

There may be a few other odds and ends, but that covers the most of it. If you are interested in helping finish, email me to see if I have a project that can match your skill.

Stay tuned!