Mission Partners

If you have been involved with us for any amount of time you have probably met or heard of Dick Apps. He has been down here several times to work with us on the mission boat and has been instrumental in forming and leading groups down here as well.

Dick is a retired RN and continues to be active in service. In fact, early this morning he and 11 others flew out (from Syracuse, NY) to Les Basse, Haiti to serve on a 2 week medical mission trip. They will also go into a remote mountain region there as well.

He has requested prayer for their journey and service. I have included that here in his words.

2012 Building Team leader, Dick Apps

2012 Building Team leader, Dick Apps

Key prayer requests: 
For team unity- that the Lord will unite us in His work with servant hearts.
Wisdom during this trip. Might see some medical things that we don't normally see in the US.
Please pray against the spiritual strongholds in Les Basse, Voodoo is very strong throughout Haiti.  Eph 6:12 is a key scripture to be prayed.
For our health. (AARP would be well represented if we belonged to it.)
For our Individual spiritual growth. Time with God in prayer and devotions.
Travel mercies.
That all our supplies would arrive without tampering.

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It is profoundly satisfying when you complete a project, step back to look, and it's really good.
That satisfaction is mysteriously compounded when the accomplishment is by one of your kids.
It is many times more so when it is more than one of your kids.

I wish I could take some credit for this fantastic video, but it was all done by Stephen, my son-in-law, and Josiah, my son. All I did was be me. They did an amazing job of making me look good.

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