Oriental Boat Show 2018 - Part 2

At The Show
Hope for Haiti was well received at the Oriental boat show. This was our 4th year at the show and it was really good to finally bring our project out for show-and-tell. We made a lot of new friends and have a number of new volunteers who are planning to work with us. Time will tell about  support.

Big Load
Our overall length (truck and trailer) was within the legal load limit to travel without an oversize-permit. I think we were 57' long total. However, the boat had to shrink 1" in width to fall within the legal limit of "under 10 feet wide." Actually, it only had to shrink 1/4" to be legal, but since I am a professional builder and not a professional driver, my nerves were already at their limit with that load size. So, I decided to shrink the boat by just a little more than an inch. I'm sure it made no difference on the portability of the load, but it settled my concerns.

How to Shrink Your Boat on the Trailer
Shrinking a boat in the ocean is easy business. Simply travel offshore. The farther you go, the smaller your boat gets. It's a different story on the trailer. So I turned to a trusty old friend. Geometry. 
Geometry has helped me solve many problems in life without having to do everything the hard way. I calculated that if the hull was tilted 10° it would measure 118.5" horizontally. With some simple application of leverage, hydraulics, and good old fashioned blocking, I was able to settle the hull at a happy 10° list. That put me comfortably under the 120" limit. It must have looked perfect because, of the eight or so Highway Patrol's I saw on the round trip, none of them gave me a second look. I had my level, tape measure, and witness stick handy just in case.

Working Outdoors
Now we are working on the boat outdoors. That is not necessarily bad, but it does put us at the mercy of the weather. So far I have gotten the boat off the trailer, lowered to a decent working height, and leveled. I've also cleaned up around the boat. The building/rigging can now commence.

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to help.