There Never Seems to be Enough Time

This week I heard from the missionaries in Mole St. Nicolas, Haiti, where this boat is going to serve. They were hoping to have the boat in time for hurricane season to use for evacuations and relief ministries. That, along with the undoubtedly myriad of other uses, will make this vessel a tremendous asset for them.

Sadly, I had to report that it is not possible to complete the boat in the next few weeks before hurricane season starts. My work schedule is extremely busy. But being impossible is not a good reason to stop. And yesterday I was able to build the lazaret hatch lid, which is the last lid, and I got the inside of it glassed with Xynole. 

In the boat building trade we use the term glassed as a verb meaning: sealed with fiberglass cloth, bedded in epoxy. I also use it freely here when I refer to sealing a part with Xynole cloth, bedded in epoxy. Xynoled doesn't have the same ring to it.

The pictures are not super fancy, but you can see what I'm building.

Please pray for Mission Navigation and our efforts. We are in the process of planning for the day when I will be able to work full time on the mission boats and host a regular schedule of volunteers. The amount of good we will be able to do is boggling.